Introduction To Jilin Ever Creation

Established in 2004, stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation. 

We can accept trial orders and small orders. Of course, if the quantity is large, the price will be more favorable.

All shipped products are documented. We provide 0EM services to many brands, but there is no information about our manufacturer in the product. Any drawings, operating instructions, test reports, etc. belong to the brand owner.

Because it is a handmade product, our product has a one-year warranty period. If there are quality issues with the product within one year, such as damage during transportation or cracking, we can restock or refund it. If it’s a problem with the parts, you can also provide a replacement.

Numbers we are proud of

Jilin Ever Creation,as a traditional handicraftsman, we have 20-years’ experience in wooden handicraft field. 

This business is never easy, but we have enough confidence in our products. 

These figures witness our development in the international market.

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Quality Control Plan & Production Process

Welcome to EverCreation, at here, we understand the value of exceptional craftsmanship and the significance of quality control. As a prominent wooden carved handicrafts manufacturer based in China, we cater exclusively to B2B clients through wholesale channels. Our goal is to captivate your interest by illuminating our meticulous production process that ensures impeccable quality across all our offerings.


Our dedication to quality starts with choosing the best materials. All our wood is sourced from Changbai Mountain, featuring premium species such as basswood, pine, and birch. These woods are meticulously dried and come with phytosanitary inspection certificates, guaranteeing their eco-friendliness and purity. Prior to production, each batch of wood undergoes thorough humidity testing and is inspected for any imperfections, ensuring only the finest pieces make it into our crafts.

Wood raw material
hand carved


Our crafts are a result of 100% manual craftsmanship. The wood is cut to precision according to the original design, and due to the intricate hand-carving process, minor size variations of up to ±1% may occur. Post-carving, each piece is rigorously compared to the original design, striving for a likeness accuracy of over 95%. Any rough edges, cracks, or defects are meticulously removed to ensure a flawless finish.


Using environmentally friendly pigments, we painstakingly apply colors that mirror the original design. While slight color variations might arise due to the hand-painting process across different batches, our overall similarity rating exceeds 95%. The painted surface is kept immaculate, devoid of any color blending or dirt, in strict accordance with the original sample.

hand painting
hand made


The assembly stage is a testament to our commitment to durability. Products are subjected to rigorous stability tests, ensuring no loose parts or joints. Precision is paramount – all drill holes are accurately positioned for seamless assembly.


Before your masterpiece leaves our facility, it undergoes comprehensive self-inspection: Quality Assessment: Checked for cracks, splinters, and blemishes; striving for a 95% likeness to the original design in terms of appearance and color. Humidity Test: Ensured to have humidity levels under 12%. Size: Maintains a variance within ±1%. Weight: Natural wood variations might cause slight differences between batches. Customer Confirmation: We provide images of bulk production for your approval.

Humidity test


Our dedication to detail extends to packaging. We offer complimentary product labels if desired, along with inner box and outer carton markings. Hangtags can be customized or adjusted according to your preferences. All packages feature a triple-layer inner box and a quintuple-layer outer carton for maximum protection during transit. Our packing meets stringent drop-test standards.

Shipping Documents

We offer flexible shipping methods, including air, sea, express, and rail. Our comprehensive documentation includes invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, certificates of origin (if required), and fumigation certificates (if needed).

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